This area of mission encourages unity and understanding within the Christian family, and reaches out to non-Christians who share with us faith in God the Father. The ministries dedicated to this mission encourage unity and understanding within the Christian family. The Church also reaches out to non-Christians who share with us faith in one God, as well as other religions in its interreligious dialogue. An understanding and appreciation for the beliefs of others enriches our own faith as we share spiritual insights with those of other traditions.

The Mission for Ecumenism and Interfaith Concerns has led parishioners from Saint Patrick into cooperative ventures in charitable, emergency relief, social justice and community concerns. These joint service projects are a positive and productive way for our local Christian communities to show our essential unity of purpose and our love for others. The following ministries and organizations seek to foster these goals and ideals. For more information about any of these organizations, please contact the parish office for guidance.

Carlisle Area Religious Council
This organization has representatives from Saint Patrick Church serving on this interdenominational agency promoting endeavors that serve the greater Carlisle area. CARC supports Project SHARE, Thanksgiving Service, Ecumenical Stations of the Cross, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration and the Holocaust Memorial Service.

Carlisle C.A.R.E.S.
Combined Area Resources for Emergency Shelter needs volunteers to serve as overnight hosts at area churches which take turns housing homeless adults.

Contact: Tricia Cherchuck, 514-5526

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Worship Service


Project S.H.A.R.E.
This community ministry provides food, clothing, nutrition education, and links to other community services to help people in need in this area. Our parish makes a monthly contribution of 450 cans of chicken - please bring your canned chicken donation to Mass and place in the baskets near all entrances of the church.

Contact: David Kozemchak, 245-9019

Samaritan Fellowship
Representatives of area churches help those in need of emergency financial assistance. Individual donations are always welcome to supplement funds provided by area churches. Volunteers are also needed to help process requests for concrete needs assistance.

Contact: Judy Castrina, 243-9921

Soup Kitchen
Teams of parish volunteers prepare and serve meals at "My Brother’s Table" which is a local soup kitchen.

Contact: Bob and Terry Rasch, 249-6537


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