The Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation. Confirmed individuals are not "graduating" from religious education. As fully initiated members of the Church, they are expected to continue to deepen their relationship with Christ, to continue to serve His Church, and to lead others to Jesus Christ by their words and the way they live their lives. An excellent way to continue living this life in Christ is by participating in the high school Life Teen Ministry.

 Diocesan policy requires that teens be in at least eighth grade and have two years of immediate preparation in the faith. Students who choose to be candidates for Confirmation must attend the Edge/Oneight program, be enrolled at Saint Patrick School, or be home-schooled for their academic education.

 All candidates are required to submit necessary paperwork, and are expected to attend the eighth grade Oneight Emmaus Retreat, complete twenty hours of community service, and attend and participate in ten religous devotional experiences during their two year preparation. All candidates and their parents are provided program specifics at a Mandatory Candidate and Parent Meeting held each September. Please note that this meeting is for all  candidates, and their parents, regardless of whether they are public school, parochial school, or home school.

For more information, see the information on the Edge Ministry under the Youth Programs tab.

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